Clear Serene 1200 60ml/1200 mg CBD Clear(tm) Oil

Clear Serene 1200 contains 60 ml of CBD Clear(tm)Oil packed with 1200 mg of cannabinoids ( CBD with CBC, CBDV and others present) carried in MCT Coconut Oil.

Clear Serene 1200  is formulated for use by first responders, military personnel,  factory workers and others seeking the benefits of CBD oil without the complications of THC.

While the legal limit for CBD, 0.003 or three tenths of one percent, seems very low, THC can and does accumulate in the fatty tissues and in such cases, can trigger a failed drug test for THC & marijuana. And yet many first responders and veterans find their anxiety, pain, inflammation, suffering can be mitigated by CBD.

CBD Clear™ is derived from non GMO US grown industrial hemp isolates  that are far higher than 99% pure and certified by third party laboratories to have undetectable levels of THC and Pesticides.  

You can feel confident, safe and assured that taking any dose of Clear Serene you find helpful will not contribute to failing a test for THC/Marijuana use.