Green Serene(tm) EXTRA 1500 30ml/1500mgFull Spectrum CBD Oil

 Green Serene(tm)  EXTRA 1500  is a 30 ml bottle of Full Spectrum CBD Oil packed with 1500mg of cannabinoids using MCT Coconut Carrier Oil. 

All Natural.   We use US grown, non GMO Natural hemp.

All Nano.  Our patented process produces a nano-emulsion  <  100 nanometers in size.   More of what you take is used by your body. 

All Chlorophyll. Our process liberates nearly 100% of the chlorophyll found in industrial hemp.  Chlorophyll  is part of of our nano-emulsion and contributes to a range of benefits including anti-oxidant behaviors. 

All Powerful. Green Serene(tm)is a nano-emulsion packed with CBD, rich with β-caryophyllene and other terpenes, and Chlorophyll. Nothing else comes close.

Ingredients: Cannabinoids : CBD with CBC, CBDV and others present, <.3%THC,  terpenes, chlorophyll,  vitamins, minerals, proteins, flavonoids, fiber and MCT Coconut Oil