Green Serene(tm) EXTRA 1500 30ml/1500mgFull Spectrum CBD Oil

Green Serene(tm)  Extra 1500  is a 30 ml bottle of Full Spectrum CBD  nano-emulsified oil packed with 1500 mg of CBD, rich with β-caryophyllene,  other terpenes, Chlorophyll,  and made from US grown, non GMO Natural hemp.

Our patented process produces a nano-emulsion  <  100 nanometers in size.   More of what you take is used by your body. 

Our process liberates nearly 100% of the chlorophyll found in industrial hemp.  Chlorophyll  contributes to a range of benefits including anti-oxidant behaviors. 

Ingredients: Cannabinoids : CBD with CBC, CBDV and others present, <.3%THC,  terpenes, chlorophyll,  vitamins, minerals, proteins, flavonoids, fiber and MCT Coconut Oil