EicosaDose For People- Wholesale

EicosaDose (tm)  couples nature's most powerful protector of cellular health,  astaxanthin, with US non GMO hemp derived CBD.  

Our patented extraction process produces a lipid rich  nano-emulsion delivery system to deliver both compounds through the digestive tract and blood stream into our cells. 

Product Compliance Statements for Astaxanthin

Eicosadose’s astaxanthin and its synergistic nano emulsified blend of antioxidants dynamically unlocks your body’s powers in many ways:

  • It empowers and unleashes the energy making power of your mitochondria by reducing harmful reactive oxidative species, (ROS). So you feel and have more energy. 
  • Enhances and unleashes your immune system
  • Has been shown to mitigate some effects of aging
  • Improves Metal Acuity
  • Speeds up sports recovery
  • Increases oxidative resistance
  • Enhances immune response
  • Enhances Vitality
  • Anti inflammation effects are recorded
  • Promotes health and healing

 We offer EicosaDose 12 in formulated with Green Serene (contains <.3% THC0 or  Clear Serene, (undetectable THC) with Peppermint in 25 ml bottle packed with 600 mg of CBD oil and 600 mg of astaxanthin derived from haematococcus pluvialis algae. 

FAQs- How does astaxanthin work?